Save the Bob!

Summer is here!

One of my summer goals (actually.. year around goals because we live BLOCKS from the beach!) is to go to the beach more often! I need to enjoy this luxury while we have it! With two kids, it’s a little more of a challenge, but I’m sure after a few trips, we’ll be pros!

We only live a few blocks from the beach, but it still requires some sort of transportation to get two littles (and all the stuff they need!) there! A few months before my second was born, I saw a FREE DOUBLE BOB posted on the local yard sale site and snagged it! I was so excited! It was in need of a little TLC, but nothing I couldn’t fix myself!

The biggest issue was the harness strap on both seats rotted off (the red strap thats in the seat of the stroller my sweet assistant is pointing to) so I had so find a way to fix it! The model I have (Bob Revolution Dualie) was from 2010, so they no longer offered repair options, so onto plan B!




Supplies! I've linked the ones I used below, but you might have some of these items laying around at home! 

Seam Ripper

Heavy-Duty household needle (I used #2)


Extra Strong Thread

Buckle x 2 (if doing a double stroller)


If replacing the handlebar:

Handlebar tape


First, you’ll want to remove the damaged strap with your seam ripper. Be careful not to tear the fabric of the stroller itself! (I accidently did this on the top! Thankfully it’s not in a noticeable location that will be stretched) These straps are usually sewn into the seat in an “X” pattern and around the edges. Once you get some of threads cut, it’s easy to tug on it and will start to loosen.


Once you have the strap removed, vacuum the area to get it nice and clean and remove any remaining threads (I used my favorite handheld vacuum -- the Dyson! This thing is perfect for kids and dog hair!)

Next up, thread your needle and get your thimble ready. This thimble was such a lifesaver! The material and seat cushion is thick and you’ll need it to push the needle through! Once threaded, place your new strap in place and start sewing! As much as I wanted mine to look perfect, I just went for a completion grade and didn't worry as much about the appearance. There are threads in every direction. The main objective is to make sure you get all sides anchored and the strap is secure. Once you’ve secured it, tie a knot in the thread, trim and you’re done! Repeat on other side if necessary.

I also replaced the shoulder straps on one side ( you can see in first picture) because I wanted to put in a liner for our youngest. The back piece is thicker than the seat, so it was definitely harder, but I’m glad I did it! You have the extra pieces from the harness if you ever decide to do that yourself.

The other “issue” with the free stroller I received was the handlebar was torn in some places. I decided to replace it as well and LOVE the outcome! The grip is so much better and more comfortable. If you want to replace your handlebar, simply cut the foam piece off. Start at one end and wrap the new handlebar tape around. Once roll will make it about halfway. (I did a “test wrap” before removing the adhesive to make sure I knew how close/wide I could put the tape) Complete the second half with the second roll and secure with the tape provided.


My uppbaby vista is my baby and hands down my favorite purchase we made, but I really do love the Double Bob. It rides so smooth and is the perfect beach transportation! It’s a bit more work to pull it through the sand, but the girls didn’t seem to mind (and I’m thankful my dad was here to pull them this time around!)


I’d love to hear if you use this tutorial and fix your Bob (or other stroller)! Don’t toss yours to the curb if the strap breaks! A quick 30 minute sewing session and it’ll be good as new! Feel free to message me with any questions, too!