Camp Mom

Summer is here!! For me, as a stay at home with two kids not in school, this actually doesn’t mean anything new. The kids are going to be home with me because they aren’t old enough for school yet, regardless if it’s summer or fall. I was emailing with a preschool last week and realized my daughter won’t be able to attend until FALL 2018! That seems like so far away, but I’m sure the time will fly by. It was that email conversation that prompted me to really think about our days and how I can make a plan for us to thrive, rather than just survive.

I’m a planner by nature {hello Simplified Success Planner} and I know that if I don’t have a plan, we’ll likely just stay home doing the same ole same ole. I have nothing against staying home and you’ll see there are plenty of fun days that are spent using our imagination at home, but when I realized that my daughter will be home with me for another 14+ months before she heads off to school, I wanted to be more intentional with our time together.

Drumroll please....let me introduce to you: CAMP MOM {or DAD!} I’m going to be starting a weekly series, so be sure to come back every Sunday for more ideas throughout the summer! You’ll see that each day has a theme. Each child is different, but I’ve found that our daughter thrives with routine and schedules. She loves predictability (just like her mama). Having a theme day also makes it much easier to plan for and simplifies (yall know I’m all about simplifying!) things for you as well!

So, let’s kick things off! Below is a breakdown of each day’s theme.

Monday’s are for crafting or baking. On of my favorite college classes at The University of Tennessee was Early Childhood Art Education. {and let’s be real -- my favorite class Kindergarten - 12th grade was art!} We’ll get to explore with different materials, learn colors, be creative, and so much more. So much can be learned in the kitchen. For those who have been to our house, you know our kitchen is really tiny. Baking with EJ will be an adventure and is going to take patience, but I know the memories will be worth it.

Tuesday’s are for trips! Check out your local library and see what time they have storytime at! It’s peak tourist season here in San Diego, so we limit our trips to the hot tourist destinations, but there are so many great places to explore in this city! If you are local to San Diego, Balboa Park has great museums that offer residents free admission. Before you head out, check out their page here and see what museums are free!

Wednesday’s are for water play! There are so many fun water play activities for toddlers and it’s a great way to beat the heat. Y’all. Can we talk about the amazing pools they have for kids these days?! I’m pretty sure the only pool available when I was a toddler was the standard plastic one, but there are a ton to choose from these days. If you have a yard, hook up the sprinkler and let the kids run free! Water tables are also a fun option! During the summer I’ll be sharing some fun sensory water play activities as well!

Thursdays. Oh, Thursdays. I’m done by the time Thursday comes around. Thursday’s are for taking it easy. We’ll enjoy our toys, read lots of books, play outside, and maybe take a trip to the park.

Friday’s are for friends! We are lucky enough to have some great friends just a few blocks away, but with the addition of a baby, I turned into a bit of a recluse. The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve learned how intentional I need to be in relationships. It’s so easy to get caught up in our day to day and keep to ourselves, but my hope is that we can be more intentional and have weekly playdates with friends! Not only is it good for our kids to socialize and be with others, it’s good for our mama souls too! We are made for community! So pick up the phone and call (or text) your friends and plan a playdate!

What’s planned for the week?

This Monday is a special one. During today’s craft, I encourage you to talk with your child and explain what Memorial Day means to you. Honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. I really love this Handprint American Flag. This is a great craft for all ages and who wouldn’t want that cute handprint to remember your sweet babe as they grow up!

Your Tuesday might look different than mine, but I encourage you to get out and take a trip! Whether it’s the library, the zoo, a museum, or the park down the street, it’ll be good for everyone to get out of the house.

Wednesday’s wet and wild water activity is a fun one. We’re going to practice pouring into containers. It sounds simple enough, right? I have a feeling Ellie James is going to love this one. She loves water and I love that she can practice and start learning a skill she’ll use throughout her life.

Thursday! You’re almost through the week. Kick those feet up and rest! Turn on some music and have a dance party.

Friday with friends! Y’all know I love to entertain, so this is going to be fun for me. Check back this week for my top tips for toddler playdates! I’ll be sharing some easy snacks, fun activities, and a few things for the mamas as well!

I hope that you have a great week with your tot and you’ll use some of these ideas to engage and have fun! Don’t forget to check back on Sunday’s for more ideas. Each week this post might look a little different, so feel free to comment or email me with any suggestions or requests you have!