Friday Favorites: Food Blogger

Have y'all ever found someone on the web that you just instantly love?!  When I was doing my first round of Whole30, I came across an instagram account that I just couldn't get enough of. I absolutely loved seeing her new posts each day and her recipes became my go-to's for round one {and beyond!} 

Ladies, let me introduce to you, The Defined Dish. Maybe you already follow her, but if you don't -- go right now and bookmark her blog & follow her on IG. I have tried so many of her recipes and there hasn't been a single one that has disappointed me. I haven't ventured away from the Whole30 recipes yet, but I do look forward to trying some of her undefined dishes, too! 

Now that Whole30 {round 1} is complete, I still find myself going to her website when I sit down to meal plan. The recipes are easy to follow. The food photography is amazing {I'm a visual person. Your food has to actually look good for me to want to try it!} and I love following her instagram stories to see her cook through the recipes. 

Last week I tried this Barbacoa Bowl and it did not disappoint! I was able to prep everything ahead of time, making this a super easy weeknight meal that everyone loved! I served it in a bowl with spinach, mini bell peppers, homemade pico, avocado, and squeezed a lime over top. There are countless ways to mix this up! 

Here are a few of my other favorites!

Alex -- thank you for sharing amazing recipes!! Your blog helped me survive round 1 of Whole30 and allowed me to have fun in the kitchen. I'm getting ready to plan out our menu for the weekend and next week and will be trying out the bacon wrapped chicken + jalapeño bites! Looking forward to a summer full of tasty new recipes from your blog! 

Do you have a favorite food blogger? Share them in the comments!